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When shopping for a new laptop, buyers face many choices today, and one of the most important choices to make is a choice between Apple laptops and other brands of portable computers.


So what exactly makes a MacBook the dream laptop for millions of users around the world?

  • Operating system. While MacOS may take some time to get used to, in the end, you’re going to appreciate its clean design and intuitive interface that is not like anything you’ve worked with before.
  • Appearance. Even though the styling is not the biggest reason to get any laptop, the flawless design of a MacBook surely won’t leave you indifferent. No wonder the MacBook is the favourite device of so many celebrities!
  • Value. It’s true that MacBooks are pricey, but one of the reasons for their price tag is the high quality of materials used in the production. A MacBook simply holds its value better than other laptops, and that includes the respectable resale value as well!
  • Creative package. If you mostly use your laptop for working with photos, videos, and other media, you’ll find everything you need for your creative work pre-installed on your new MacBook.


    MacBook is a fantastic choice for a laptop for many buyers, but it does come with its share of drawbacks.

    • Price. If you’re shopping for a new laptop on a budget, it can be hard to justify the MacBook’s whopping price even if you take into account all of its advantages.
    • Software. MacBook comes with the fabulous MacOS and a great creative package, but if you require specific software for work, there is a chance it’s not available for the MacOS platform yet.
    • Games. Avid gamers may also be disappointed by the purchase of a MacBook since only a minor share of games are offered on this platform – as for the rest, you’ll require a Windows-running computer to play them.
    • Connectivity. In a pursuit to make the MacBook the most elegantly designed computer in the world, Apple often sacrifices essential functionality. Users may have already gotten over the MacBooks missing DVD drives, but the lack of full-sized USB ports and the need to use adapters if you want to plug in your flash drive have made the Apple MacBook a less desirable choice for many prospective buyers.
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