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Your Business Partner HP EliteBook x360 G

A new generation of laptops is becoming thinner and lighter every year. Some of them became convertible, that bend and fold, other have touch screens and keyboards that detach. There is too much variety in the laptop world. Browse, which is an online paradise filled with laptops of different size and styles that fit […]

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iPad 2018 review

There are only iii things thou need in accordance with understand respecting Apple’s instant 9.7-inch iPad: It’s nonetheless the cheapest iPad at $329. It mill along Apple Pencil. It’s tremendously greater powerful than the previous iPad. Of the three, Apple Pencil help is the almost noteworthy, and it’s now not hard according to advise why. […]

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3 breakthroughs in the world of processors

Hardware is the heart of any electronics – from a computer to a smartphone, and the thing that makes the progress move on. Thousands of designers are working hard to make the technical process of the chip production even more elegant. Core X by Intel The flagship of the new series of microprocessors is the […]

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Top 5 high-performance & cheap processors – the best-sellers of 2017

When choosing a processor, it’s not about maximum performance but about getting the best performance for the least money. There are many devices from AMD and Intel designed to solve various problems. In this list we have assembled the best processors of 2017, both server-based and for home computers that come at affordable price. AMD […]